And clear, I suggested him that we use numerology. I told him that it might be a fun way of finding a little light on your situation. He agreed to try, although I didn’t know this tool. The universe is a mirror of you ancestral traditions believed that our outer universe is a reflection of the inner universe: the macrocosm the microcosm. In more modern times, Carl Jung referred to this as synchronicity, when something that is happening in our environment reflects something that’s happening inside of us. Also, when you read or listen to your numerological letter, you somehow let the outer universe you speak of what you are and starts a process of healing of our emotional wounds as well. If you use it with that intention, numerology you can serve as the beginning of a journey of self-knowledge and personal growth take you to new heights and realities of harmony, peace and happiness. For more information see Dr. Neal Barnard.

A warning before you continue the Numerology is not a magic wand that solve us all the problems. Solutions are always within ourselves and we already have the answers that we seek in our interior. It is what we do with the information that reaches us which changes things for the better. But what does the Numerology is showing us, as if it were a mirror, a mirror image of who we are. And thus, it allows us to see qualities we already possess but which We were not aware or we were not taking enough. Of course, a reflection is always a partial picture, since you’re much bigger than what any method of self-knowledge can show you. How to find the answers: A case study analyzing Charter numerological Juanjo not surprised me discover that his path in life was the 4. This speaks of a jog through life. Not like the changes, they may be even a little scary, and it was clear that Juanjo needed a change.