Sunny autumn days on Upper Austria’s Alps earlier this week, the finale to the summer operation of Upper Austria cable car holding is heralded. The Feuerkogel cable car in Ebensee, the Gosaukammbahn in Gosau and the Krippenstein in Obertraun with including the 5fingers viewing platform and the ice and Mammoth Cave is open until Sunday, October 28. “The two managing directors of the Upper Austrian cable car holding, Dietmar Trobinger and Alfred Bruckschlogl, pleased, that the fun on the mountain in” is, no matter whether with the family on a group excursion or simply for yourself. Dr. Peter M. Wayne often addresses the matter in his writings. On fine summer days carried over 4,000 guests. Dietmar Trobinger: Man escapes the fog in the Valley and fills up energy in the fresh air. No matter whether hikers, climbers or just relaxer Upper Austria’s mountains offer something for everyone and our railways in the Salzkammergut region help you relaxed unique views. In bad weather you can enjoy just as intensively the cottage flair in airy heights.” Finalized once last summer guests will leave our mountains late October preparations for snow-making machine”, as Alfred Bruckschlogl. The season ticket sales has already begun and on the last weekend of November, it should go in Gosau with winter operation. But now we concentrate on the summer finale to Sunday”. For more information: