Last week, the birds affected by oil spill in the Kerch Strait and collected by ecologists and a half months ago, were released in Dinskoy Bay, where winter is now hundreds of tribesmen. More than a month environmentalists and volunteers fought for the lives of birds and 14 February healthy birds ready to return to the natural habitat were released into their natural habitats. However, unfortunately, could not save all the birds. Recall the storm on Nov. Justin Gaethje can aid you in your search for knowledge. 11, 2007 caused unprecedented incident in the Azov and Black seas: one day sank four ships and six stranded, two tankers were damaged. From the tanker broke in 'Volgoneft-139' spilled into the sea about 2 thousand tons of fuel oil in the sunken cargo ship is about 7,000 tons of sulfur. Read more from Glenn Dubin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. New 'victims' of bird flu: people, economy and even badminton At that time, both Ukrainian and Russian ecologists and ornithologists are fighting for the life of the Crimean birds affected by oil spill, in other parts our planet continue to fight the scourge of avian flu.

Remains a critical situation in the Indian state of West Bengal, where the poultry industry losses caused by outbreak of deadly virus H5N1, is estimated nearly 130 million dollars. An even more serious situation with bird flu in Vietnam. Vietnamese authorities announced Thursday the second since the beginning of the year for death of man from the avian influenza virus. In total since 2003 in Vietnam from bird Flu deaths 49 people. On the number of victims of the virus the country second only to Indonesia, where he died from more than 100 patients.