This requirement is academically correct, but goes to the reality of life of most people in the Industrial Nations past. Only a small minority in Germany and eat so healthy that they are provided with sufficient micro nutrients from the diet. And the vast majority? Should she stick the head in the sand and accept the increased risk of heart Infarkt and co. as an inescapable fate? Of course not. It can be a lot of sport to be done to the nutrition. One of the ways is the targeted revenue appropriate micro-nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin E. These two vitamins can promote cardiovascular health. Various studies have shown that. If you would like to know more about PCRM, then click here.

Is a large prevention study from Scandinavia. In the 6 years of study, 520 participants with heart cardiovascular risk factors, in addition to a license agent without vitamin was administered also tablets with vitamin C and vitamin. After completing the study, it turned out, that as expected the Bill preparation showed no effect. But two single vitamins were ineffective. Only the combination of vitamin C and vitamin in the Composition as tablets on sale in Germany as CorVitum, showed remarkable results. The progression of the risk factors for heart attack, measured the degree of arteriosclerosis, was inhibited with these two vitamins.

Especially for participants who had already atherosclerotic plaques (vascular calcification), the effect of the pills was very significant. Thus, it has been proven that vitamin C and vitamin in the specific form and dosage in the position are to reduce risk factors for diseases of the heart and vessels. Are health-conscious people seeking an effective way for the prevention of coronary heart disease in addition to sports and healthy nutrition, with appropriate CorVitum tablets available. CorVitum is a supplementary balanced diet the nutritional treatment of atherosclerosis. For the meaningful longer-term application of CorVitum special 3 month packs (PZN 0243079) and 6-month packs (PZN 0247781) are available. CorVitum is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies, and selected health centers. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order direct shipping for customers CorVitum without additional effort. As a special service Navitum Pharma provides for health-conscious people also the shipping free direct reference of 3- or 6-month supply at the company.