Holidays in Germany most beautiful holiday regions – North Sea, Baltic Sea, Bayerischer Wald… Germany a holiday destination? Properly, the increasing numbers of visitors in certain regions are the proof. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is now the Nr. 1 on overnight stays in Germany. Especially the Baltic region with its many resorts here to mention. Everything is freshly renovated and hardly any buildings from the former East Germany. But only in the holiday resorts. Unfortunately, there are also areas that have declining visitor numbers.

Such as the resin or the Bavarian Forest. Here, it was failed to invest in the infrastructure. As long as the building owners do not invest or rehabilitate the holiday numbers will be continue to decline. The claim of tourists from home and abroad has changed. In addition to the renovation also a concentration on key topics is necessary like E.g. Learn more at: James A. Levine, M.D.. cyclists in the Inland nature Wattenmmer, wellness…) The Nr. 1 in Germany on overnight stays is the North Sea resort of Cuxhaven.

About 3 million overnight stays, year after year are counted here. Here is properly invested. For every purse, a North Sea finds apartment here. Especially the Spa part of Duhnen is high-priced. Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg and Cuxhaven of Grimmershorner Bay is not quite as expensive, although the building is mostly old. But guests don’t stay out, because the North Sea air attracts families with children. Cuxhaven has a lot of course. The drama between ebb and flow every day. Or make a day trip to the island of Helgoland by ship or visiting the island of Neuwerk at low tide to walk. Of course, also the km invite long sandy beaches. Gorch Fock in the homeland StralsundAn of the Baltic Sea is especially nice for me the island of Usedom. Clean water and the countless bad bridges, part of the Roman Empire. Or you visited Rugen, quickly accessible now via the new Rugen bridge in Stralsund. Before you pass the Rugen bridge should be Stralsund’s old town not to be missed. If you’re lucky you can the sailing ship “Gorch Fock” here in your home port visit. You can find accommodation here primary near the beach at high prices. More expensive than the North Sea. Seebaederbrueke Heringsdorf, Germany there are inland in Germany naturally beautiful areas. For example, the Weser uplands. Here can you use E.g. the Weser cycle path and the source of the river Weser Weser landscapes explore far to the North at Bremerhaven. This was just a little insight on the topic of holiday in Germany. To be continued… Bodo MICHALSKI