We more still get infuriated ourselves for knowing that also corruptveis acts invade the religious institutions, acts these especially practised for its leaders or representatives, that is to blaspheme against God. It has that to reflect that Christianity or citizenship we are living, where a great percentage quedizem to be Christian or religious they are in favor of the death in mass of involved people in the traffic of drugs. To support to the action of combat the drugs is a thing, now to support the murder of people (‘ ‘ traficantes’ ‘) still young is desumano nonsense and. Because it was arrived at this point? Of who it is the guilt? Let us think on this, because he is serious. Concluding, we take by loan some basic points cited by: (Hans Kung, Ecumenical Theologian Project of World-wide ethics), it is necessary: 1.

So that the basic right of all the people (independent of sex, nation, religion, etnia or classroom) for a life worthy human being either carried through each time more and that more it is not ignored. 2. So that the barrier between rich and poor and rich nations and poor nations does not increase still more (in contrast of what it happened in the decades of 1980 and 1990 that, in this type of fight, they seem to have been lost years). Endocrinologist: the source for more info. So that the slum quarters in the cintures of poverty of the Room World do not increase still more. 3. So that the level of social welfare is not arrasado by ecological catastrophes or international migratory movements. 4.

It stops that it is possible a society without war, a society in which the material differences are balanced, arising the social level of poor. What it is for the person is what it becomes it human being truily. What he is human, that he is truily human, that is human worthy, it can with reason, to base itself on ‘ ‘ Divino’ ‘. That, however, that he is desumano, ‘ ‘ animalesco’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ bestial’ ‘ , it cannot retrace what he is ‘ ‘ Divino’ ‘. (Hans Kung. Project of World-wide Ethics). We are called to construct the new crown of the Advent, not it of thorns, more of flowers so that it becomes in them more responsible with our reality so that let us can construct the circularidade of the life, of the incarnate and compromised community with the human being and the environment.