The paradigm are on a slope within the confrontation in the fight of the like take better advantage of movements that our personal style sets without the need to alter the order of preset for the majority of those who are confronted taking a tendency to perform a same pattern of attack, as well perhaps the answer is much closer than we thinkWe refer to the dimensions in body and space. When we locked us in a single plane of fighting we are engaged in a particular line of attack as well as certain signs of clashes is by her that with simple displacement mechanism complicates us offensive from both our guards as well as our displacement therefore begin to dominate our environment feeling gradually overwhelmed, as our line of attack is so little visible and so little versatile is easy to make a simple overflow havoc in our scheme of Defense and confrontation. Therefore only by altering that line flat of confrontation and extending it in a without number angle the surface of the body and space may undoubtedly cause sheds and alternatives in order to navigate and reach all this methodical and visionary sense of confrontation our opponent, we call dimensions of body and space. We know that at the time of executing our defense we draw figures on a line (displacement) these attacks (figures) are flat because that only have two dimensions, length and width but we lose an important point within our attacks that estivan in this third dimension of the bodies we call depth. Is why we carry out an attack but do not have the desired results or we receive and do not understand why is happening this situation if surely put technique is running in a correct manner as well many times is that we’re only attacking on two dimensions (length and width) but we lack of effectiveness for this third part of a three-dimensional shape (depth). The depth is important because that on many occasions it determines Since combat not imported back if we have power without depth we will not make it effective, this triad (3 dimensions length, width and depth) geometric conjugations and concepts converges in the manipulation of our movements, to say if at the time of block any movement of our opponent we turn a little moving over its width we conducted another attack but with this we disclose this third dimension depth is obvious that we will have it in our range together with a movement not line but also following this tangent of dimensions on the body and space of our opponents, as well as the displacement is fundamental conjugate with the distance these situations haul to have a controlled confrontation and not to lose the rhythm of sequence which are immersed and we are wrapping to which our opponent. Recalling that martial arts are alive and thereby its evolution at the same time is walking and giving you unexpected and unpredictable turns even for the martial artist. ccessful. We hope that This article has been of your liked.