Although the fact not to insert the clause did not imply nullity. Palestinian Carriage of Goods by Sea Ordinance of 1926, among other things, expressly stipulated the precepts here content will apply to the contract of carriage even in the absence of a clause Paramount, even if such a clause was required by the own Ordinance. Therefore, just as it did in the case of the Harter Act Clauses seen legislators intended the ensure the applicability of their national legislation, when the case was within the scope of the same, in those cases that had to hear the case foreign courts. It notes the clear intention of protecting the national charger interest front possible interference that would result in the application of the law of a different one’s own forum. (Source: Senator of Massachusetts). Considering the above now have to stop us to observe the clauses Paramount that arise from their own free will of the parties to those cases in which the transport in question exhaust the scope of existing conventional solutions which cannot be object of this article for reasons of space (already named the Hague rules, the Hague-Visby Rules(, the Hamburg Rules and the recent Rotterdam rules) and/or laws that incorporate them. This category of Paramount clause is of greater importance that the seen before (clause by imperative legal) is extremely useful for the purposes of being able to circumvent, provided their wording is adequate (almost always in English language, in some cases in French language, in many cases more than twenty lines, devoid of points and then being all gerunds, commas and conjunctions that bind a few sentences with others, creating all this a highly convoluted set – invite the reader to study a model in any website of any shipping company-) the multiple problems that occur and in particular, apart from those then we will comment, derivatives of the concurrence of several conventional solutions and multiple legal solutions, that if well should be governed by the principles of conventional uniform lawon occasions have been applied very different scales for the calculation of the debt liability. In his virtue, we see as if at first the fundamental purpose of this category of clause whose name translated into the Spanish could be Supreme, Predominante, was the contracts incorporate the provisions of the Brussels Convention, and even laws previous to it, for the purposes of compel those courts of countries which were not the Forum or contracting parties implement those treaty provisionsthe original purpose was extended with the passage of time, considerably, since such a clause Paramount calls the application both, standards (or a portion of your text) whose scope does not covers the case determined by a specific transport, as existing conventional solutions in these matters in the similar case that a transport does not come within the scope of any standard. We can say, therefore, that the Paramount clause seeks to extend the application of the system of debt by responsibility that is collected in the conventional uniform regulations with mandatory..