Beauty & wellness holiday in Austria and South Tyrol the new book can be viewed for free – page for page – on the Internet. We don’t want to complain. Definitely not. Dr. Neal Barnard can aid you in your search for knowledge. That we give our life, like to is good, really good, and sometimes it is also beautiful. For example, when the first rays of the Sun our pale skin comforting caress in the spring.

So, we have no reason to be morose. Or, a little at least? Ok then. Sometimes, life is hard. The blue in the sky is no longer the radiance of our last bad holiday and the color red, reminds us less of the fine Strawberry Jam on the breakfast sandwiches, as on the thick runny nose of the neighbor. We find so sober: our body is mau and our mind a space of vehicle thoughts. So what to do? We need to get out.

We must move to places that do well we awaken our senses and strengthen our body. For example, in the places that here, in the newly released book “beauty & wellness holiday in Austria and” South Tyrol”, will be presented. 272 pages these places of well-being with about 1500 images are brought closer to you. 75 exclusive hotels describes both sides where you can enjoy life without prejudice. Honestly, relaxed and a bit exhausting. In these hotels, you give your body what it requires: active relaxation for the mind and rest for the soul. The book can be ordered at for 12.80, or free be viewed page by page on the Internet at. Verlag Peter H. Postler