Modern medicine is developing rapidly, but to cure the most common disease in the world is not able to. Think about it, there is at least one person, never suffered from a cold? For example, in a country as the uk, over 1 year registered 2,820,000 hospital days due to cold. Not without reason in a fantasy novel about Alice Seleznev runny nose is referred to as the only disease that have failed to eradicate the people future. Types nasmorkSuschestvuet many kinds of cold: vasomotor, allergic, infectious, medical, meteotropny, traumatic, hypertrophic and atrophic. Tell you about each of them in more detail. Vasomotor rhinitis or ‘vascular’ dance ‘is caused by dilation of blood vessels and occurs under the influence of different factors: emotional distress, hormonal disorders, tobacco smoke, exhaust, acute or hot food. PCRM often addresses the matter in his writings. Demonstrate this cold attacks copious mucous and muco-watery discharge, nasal alternately one, the second nose, sneezing, tearing, tightness in the head, sometimes – head pain.

When the chronic course of the patient is often worried about weakness, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, sweating, memory loss, heart rate, blood pressure rises. Allergic runny nose plays a special role. The annual number of such patients is increasing worldwide. The disease occurs under the influence of an allergen. For example, if the acts pollen allergen, we are talking about seasonal disease that occurs during the flowering plants. There is a calendar of flowering plants, knowing that the patient can avoid the disease, to be preceded by a course of prevention. Such cold called seasonal allergic nasmorkom.Nasmork may develop as a reaction to certain foods, house dust, feathers, feather, animal dander, etc.