A German fate in the Mongolia says many people the surprise at the first meeting with her in the face. With this typical German name most would associate Sarah Fischer – a woman with an Asian appearance. “The relation of appearances may be so ambiguous, the 35th photographic life is so diverse? n, a dyed in the wool who”, which now means the whole world as their home. Sarah Fischer has not traveled to so far still only 30 countries. “So far–because it is one of the few true cosmopolitans” our time. Secondary school made in Freiburg im Breisgau who grew up in Australia.

Since it is constantly, to discover the world of its own. Always with you: your camera. She hired the summer months including on a fishing boat in Alaska, as well as in a factory for frozen? sche in order to stay afloat. She spent the winter in Cape Town as a Erntehelferin in the vineyards. This was followed by the cities of the world.

She worked both on Virgin records in London, as well as on MTV in Berlin. Backpack and a camera toured as product manager toured with Lenny Kravitz and the spice girls hottest clubs with the most expensive hotels in the world – only with an armed the Iran, Jordan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Alone. As Westlerin”. As a woman. In search of their true identity”numerous Sarah Fischer tours again in the Mongolia. She toured the country on horseback, camel, on foot and with a Russian Jeep. Of the Siberian on the Kazakh border and in the Gobi desert – a country four and a half times as big as Germany with only 2.6 million people. Sarah Fischer documented in their photographic? en the endless plains and steppes, the traditional life of the nomads, horse herds, which pull in the wild over the steppe, snow-capped peaks in the West, again aufbluehenden Tibetan Buddhism and the Gobi desert. The former empire of Dschinghis Khan, a strange, pristine and secluded land of archaic beauty. A life between the worlds.